Terms and Conditions

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I declare:

  1. The information provided by me is true and correct.
  2. That for the renewal of a driver licence, I am a Northern Territory Resident.
  3. That for the renewal of a driver licence, I do not suffer from any medical, physical or psychiatric condition that would affect my ability to drive safely.
  4. That for the renewal of a vehicle registration, the vehicle is garaged in the Northern Territory and/or the principal base of operation for the vehicle is the Northern Territory.
  5. That my mailing and contact details are accurate and up to date with MVR.

Privacy Statement

The Registrar of Motor Vehicles is required to collect information for registrations, licences and permits under section 92 of the Motor Vehicles Act 1949. The Registrar adheres to the Department’s Privacy Statement and Information Privacy Principles under the Information Act 2002. Further information on privacy can be found here.

Terms and Conditions

In using this service you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

  1. Where this service involves a taxable supply, the fees charged are inclusive of GST. A compliant tax invoice showing GST amounts in full will be emailed or mailed out to you within 28 days of your payment being processed by Motor Vehicle Registry (MVR)
  2. Your registration and licence renewal can be paid up to 12 months after the expiry date. If your payment is made after the expiry date your renewal will take effect from the date your payment is received by MVR. Please note that where your payment is made after the expiry date, you will be considered unregistered or unlicensed until your payment has been processed by MVR.
  3. Transactions that are paid using BPAY will be valid from the time your financial institution processes your payment. Please note there will be delays before these transactions are registered in the Motor Vehicles Registry’s system.
  4. If you are paying by BPAY and your payment is less than the amount due, the MVR reserves the right to process the transaction for a shorter period or suspend the transaction until payment has been received in full.
  5. Transactions that are paid using credit card are processed in real time and will be valid from the time your receipt number is issued.
  6. If you submit an incorrect Transaction Number or Customer Reference Number and renew a vehicle registration or driver’s licence that does not belong to you, the MVR will endeavour to rectify the error. The MVR does not guarantee automatic rectification of any errors arising out of the provision of the incorrect Transaction Number by you.
  7. The Northern Territory of Australia, represented by the MVR, takes all reasonable precautions to ensure that this service is secure and virus free and denies liability (to the maximum extent allowed by law) for:
    • any virus-related damage or loss resulting from your interactions with the site.
    • security of any information you transmit to or from this service.

    Except as required by law, the Northern Territory of Australia gives no express or implied warranties or guarantees, and makes no representations in relation to use of this service. In particular, the Northern Territory of Australia does not warrant or represent:

    • your system will meet the minimum requirements to enable your use of this service;
    • this service is free from any computer viruses or defects; or
    • your access to this service will be continuous or uninterrupted.
  8. The Northern Territory of Australia is not liable for any loss or damage suffered by, or injury to, any person (including yourself and any third parties) that may result from the use of this service.
  9. You agree to comply with any guidelines, instructions and/or procedures for the use of the system as required by MVR.

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