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Renew my Registration

Renewing Registrations Online:

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You can renew your registration online:

  1. If your vehicle is due for an inspection and has been PASSED by an Authorised Inspector (AI) and where:

    a. AI has submitted the inspection report to MVR via MVR for Business or AI online on your behalf; or

    b. *You have submitted the inspection report to MVR by email, fax or via NT REGO app.

    (*Please wait one business day or MVR confirmation before proceeding with MVR Quick Pay registration renewal).

  2. If your vehicle is NOT due for a roadworthy inspection, refer to your renewal notice and proceed.

  3. Your Transaction Number is the eight digit number located on the upper, right hand side of your renewal notice. If you don't have your renewal notice or transaction number, please contact MVR.

  4. You must be a resident of the Northern Territory.

  5. Your vehicle must not be suspended or defected and your vehicle registration must not be cancelled.

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